Nestled in the south-west of France, the Dordogne region is the perfect location for a romantic getaway. With gorgeous scenery, amazing local food and picturesque villages, there are plenty of things on offer for Valentine’s Day getaways. Here are just a few things that you might want to make sure are included in your itinerary […]

Dordogne valley, known as Périgord in France, is home to four different colour coded regions. These regions are known as green, white, purple and black and each region is quite different from the last. Each one has its own charm and attraction, so here is what’s unique about each region, which will hopefully help you […]

Did you know that the Dordogne is famed for its plentiful antiques fairs and flea markets? Probably not. The region is more commonly associated with its eponymous river, its majestic châteaux, its UNESCO World Heritage sites and its delicious local produce. However, it is also a Mecca for antiques hunters, who scour the various events for undiscovered treasures or […]

Set in the south-west of France, the Dordogne region is known for its varied landscape, its beautiful architecture, delicious local produce and of course, its eponymous river. At less than 2 hours’ flight time, it’s the perfect ‘getting away from it all’ destination, ideal for mini-breaks. If you’re planning such a visit, here are five things you might […]

Previous blogs have alluded to the fact that French cuisine is world-class. It would not have received a UNESCO cultural heritage accolade for nothing, clearly. Yet when you’re on a French holiday, time and possibly financial restrictions don’t always afford the opportunity to sample to as many delights as you might like. With that in mind, we’ve come […]

Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is a historic and elegant mountain village located in Aquitaine, Dordogne. With a population under 500, it is the perfect place to step back in time, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. This peaceful and quaint ‘commune’ has stood the test of time, with buildings dating back to the […]

Sarlat-le-Caneda, usually just referred to as Sarlat, is the capital of Perigord Noir, east of the Aqutaine. Nested in green woodlands, this beautiful village blends both medieval and Renaissance architecture with vibrant French traditions. Sarlat was the very first town in France to be protected by the Malraux Law of 1962, which protects cultural and […]

 The Dordogne is a beautiful place to visit any time of year; but of course it is at its most splendid during the summer months. Whether your idea of a perfect holiday involves horse riding, music festivals, wine tasting or simply lounging by the pool, a summer holiday in the Dordogne can accommodate your every […]

South West France (Sud-Quest in French) covers all the wine regions in the south western part of France with one exception – Bordeaux, which enjoys the status of being its own wine region and is often voted one of the finest in the world. However, the Bergerac and other areas have almost identical climates and similar soil types […]

So you have made your mind up – you are going to ask her to marry you. Congratulations! Don’t get ahead of yourself though; there is a long way to go between the decision to ask and the proposal itself. If you are anything like the vast majority of men in the world, there will […]

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